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2011-12-13 01:18:03 by hikisquid

And I am quite happy with my recent artwork, at least what I've posted. I'm just gonna do my best to forget the balled up failures that I tossed in the garbage.
I've been having quite vivid dreams the past few months, and the ones I remember all seem to have either dragons, or just really interesting animals in them. It seems if I have a dream with just people, it's either a school type dream (Am I the only one having dreams like I'm still going to school, getting on the bus and all that?) or it's some horrible nightmare, or even both.
The Liwoolke was a dream that I just had to draw, I was explaining it to hubby and he was like "I don't get it, just draw one for me." The wyvern's story was part of a daydream, when I first drew the wyvern and shaded it, it looked so much like it was aged and grey that I daydreamed this whole story involving it's journey to the graveyard of the dragons. Most of my stories like that are sad though. That's part of why I had stopped drawing, I have all these stories that I want to get drawn and written out, but they just seem too sad to share with others. :/ That and the issue of my wrists both failing me last year, but I've gotten them much stronger now and I don't need to wear braces all day anymore. I mostly draw without the braces on, and I can do some detail sewing with them off, I mostly just need the one on my right wrist for sewing now. :) LOTS of improvement over this time last year, when I could barely type. I had to give up crocheting, but I would rather have my wrists I guess. I'll be working more on art after all my stuff for the holidays, and stuff in January

Speaking of stuff, I have a dental filling on the 22nd of this month, so I get to have nice sensitive teeth for Christmas...a consultation January 3rd (or is it the 5th?), my wisdom tooth surgery after that, and then LOTS of bills to pay off. What a wonderful way to enter 2012! Although I get to cook my turkey the weekend of New Year's, so that will be cool. :) NURKEHBURD!

All right, the chamomile tea and meds are starting to hit, and I'm gonna get ready for bed now. Night everyone!


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