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Gonna make a wintery art piece but what?

2011-12-16 16:18:24 by hikisquid

Should I do an awesomepants seasonal drawing involving Sheelah? Should I make some sort of super duper plushie? SHOULD I NOT DO ANYTHING????????
I'm bored and gonna be working on this during family get-togethers, so I would rather not work on a commission (I have two pending but they won't be started until after my dental surgery in January) So I figured maybe you all might have a suggestion for me? If I have the materials handy, I'll probably do it. :P

Also, I might try making a 3D Sheelah plush or something this year, as a super portfolio piece. I'm gonna need some help finding black fur with either charcoal gray or navy blue tips, that's over an inch long. Or just black, or even shiny black. I really want to give her fur a luxurious look, because in my head she's like this skinny bony thing that has really nice fur. :P
I'm also not 100% on her skin being white, light grey, or some other really pale color. Her eyes are staying solid blue, and I'm not messing with her body shape at all other than maybe a tiny horn tweak to make it more consistent to draw. :P Other than that, I'll have to find some fat claws and horns for her, I'll probably do LED eyes if I can afford it.


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